So I turned 40 this summer and this birthday was one of the most memorable birthdays I've had to date. When we returned home reality set in that this 40 number will remain and grow, I started to panic.  I always thought turning 40 was meant  I had to change.  DON'T LAUGH, at me but its true. 95% of my most closest friends are 40 and over some 50, and are the most fabulous people that I have ever met in my life. But, they live this adult lifestyle that I admired but i didn't have to own as mine  because I was the "youngest" in the group. Don't get me wrong,  I  do have the same responsibilities as they do. These include, parenting, bills, career....but..... i can still hang on to the fact that i was under 40 so that meant to me that I can still kind of do what I wanted to do and not be judged because of my age.

Well......I'm about 2 months into my 40's and I can't bring myself to this idea of adult change I thought I had to make.

What I thought was change is actually just a person. I don't need to change who I am to a better me. I discovered that I can still be authentic to who I am but simply evolve into a better version of Kim.  The better version comes with wisdom and lessons that Ive learned along my journey and applying them to my lifestyle.  

That is a life of FREEDOM.....financially, spiritual, sensuality, happiness, and simply letting go. COMPASSION for everyone and everything including myself. I work so hard at being a great mom, career woman, wife, daughter, friend that I shouldn't be  hard on myself. TRANSITION-ing into a new phase in my life of  complete self love, self care, attaching, and detaching. 

I hope you follow me on this journey of evolution and we all learn to be the best versions of ourselves, and live our best lives along the way. This world needs more love and we can share that with the world if we start within ourselves.






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