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                                    JuneTeenth 2021


For Juneteenth 2021 we decided that we wanted to pay homage to the black people who were murdered in Rosewood FL.

The Rosewood massacre of 1923 was an incident of racial violence that lasted several days in January 1923 in the predominantly African American community of Rosewood, Florida by white mobs. 

They terrorized the community shooting several residents and left their town, businesses, churches and homes in ruins or burned to the ground, all because of a false claim that an African American man attacked a white woman. 

Struggle is a never ending process for black people and this candle will honor the lives lost in Rosewood FL for 2021


RoseWood is an enchanting embrace of floral blooms revealing a heart of rose mixed with the beloved sandalwood. Sandalwood drawn from a small tree native to India is complex and sophisticated. Add some allure to your candle collection that is sure to be a favorite both for romantic occasions and all year round! 

10 oz